About Us

Launched quite humbly, with just a pickup truck and trailer, on a typically rainy, muddy Saturday in the PNW, Cascade Vine & Branch is a family-operated business based in the foothills of the Willamette Valley of Oregon. We now source and sustainably harvest grape, manzanita, driftwood, and other beautiful, unique local woods. Some are sandblasted and all are heat-sanitized. No toxins are used in any stage of our process, making our woods safe for floral designs, pet habitats, terrariums, home decor, and art projects. We also locally source seasonal dried wildflowers and plants.

As a natural companion to our decorative woods, and a partial solution to Alana's antique shopping addiction, we are also offering vintage containers and accessories for our dried florals and branches.

Our willow grove is moving from "test" status to full production and we plan to offer several varieties of pussy willow and curly willow, as well as cuttings for planting, in the spring of 2023!